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(So I guess that makes this a CV of sorts)


Ongoing Events and Engagements

Empiricist League
Co-curator and organizer of a Brooklyn based science event series for creative and scientific professionals.
Website —»
Video —»

SXSW Planning Committee
Involved with judging and programming at SXSW Interactive for the past fifteen years. 
Visit SXSW Interactive —»

NYU SHERP (Science, Health, & Environmental Reporting) Entrepreneurial Journalism course
Creative strategy instructor. Lead students through branding and messaging around their product or service.
About SHERP —»

Synbio LEAP Fellow (Synthetic Biology Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program)
The LEAP program is dedicated to "Catalyzing leadership for biotechnology in the public interest."
About LEAP —»

Recent Speaking Engagements and Appearances

Guest Critic: Pratt Institute
November 2016, Brooklyn NY
Final Critique, Science of Light course, Professor Mark Rosin, Pratt Institute

Panelist, World Maker Faire
October 2016, NY, NY
"Making & the DIY Bio Frontier" —»

Presenter, Host: SXSW
March 2016, Austin, TX
"Collaborative Biohacking" panel —» 
Biohacker Meetup —»
“Biobuilder” book signing —»
Interview about the "Collaborative Biohacking" panel with co-panelist Wieke Betten —»

Speaker: "Biocoder" Showcase
November 2015, SF, CA
Lightning talk showcase, organized by Desktop Genetics —» 

Panelist: Biofabricate
October 2015, NY, NY

Speaker: "BioBuilder, Synthetic Biology in the Lab" panel
October 2015, Slover Library in Norfolk, VA
with Jamison Dungan (Biologic) and Beau Turner (757 Makerspace)

Speaker: Synberc Fall retreat at MIT
September, 2015, Boston, MA
Short talks from the community: LEAP update and report-out from fellows (with Megan Palmer, Amor Menezes, Karen Ingram, Sean Ward). —»

Speaker: "BioBuilder, Synthetic Biology in the Lab" Book Celebration
September 2015, Counter Culture Labs, Oakland, CA
with co-author Rachel Bernstein —»

Panelist & Attendee: "Engineering Biology for Science & Industry"
July 2015, The NY Genome Center, NY, NY
Presented by Nancy J Kelly & Associates and the Wilson Center
"Education: Engaging Citizen Scientists & The Next Generation" panel with Natalie Kuldell, President & Founder, Biobuilder Foundation and Mike Loukides, VP of Content Strategy, O’Reilly Media —»

Participant: Synthetic Biology Standards Consortium (SBSC)
March, 2015, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Standards consortium organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Attendee, by invitation: MacMillain / Scientific American STEM Summit
October 2016 & 2014, New York, NY

Co-organizer of the inaugural conference. BioHTP is run by BioHackers, designed for BioHackers, with talks solicited from BioHackers. —»

Attendee: Ed Foo (Education Foo)
Feb. 2016, Googleplex in Mountain View, CA
An invitation-only  “unconference” organized by Google, the U.S. Department of Education, Macmillan Publishing, O’Reilly Media (Foo stands for Friends of O’Reilly), Sesame Street and Scientific American. —»

Guest Critic: UPenn
October 2015 & 2016, Philadelphia, PA
Visited Orkan Telhan and Karen Hogan's Biological Design course, as part of the BioDesign Challenge. From the course's blog —» 
More about the program —»

Judge: IGEM Art and Design track
Boston,October 2015, 
IGEM (International Genetic Engineering Machinery Competition) judge —»

Attendee: "Innovation Ecosystems in Biology and Genomics" 
September 2015, The Wilson Center, Washington DC
Invite-only symposium hosted by Eri Gentry
of Biocurious and Eleanor Pauwels of the Wilson Center —»

Panelist: EMW Bookstore "Block Party"
September, 2015, Boston, MA
with Natalie Kuldell and Katie Hart —»

Speaker: "BioBuilder, Synthetic Biology in the Lab" Book Celebration
August 2015, BioCurious, Sunnyvale, CA
with co-author Rachel Bernstein »

Speaker: “Special Synthetic Biology Event”:
July 2015, Genspace Brooklyn, NY
with Natalie Kuldell and Paul Freemont —»

Attendee: DARPA: Biology Is Technology conference
June, 2015, Convene Midtown East, NY, NY

Panelist: Synbiobeta
April 2015, Imperial College, London
Designing Biology – Panel Discussion
with: Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Royal College of Art
Andrew Hessel, Autodesk
Rodrigo Martinez, IDEO
Andrew Phillips, Microsoft Research —»

Presenter, Host: SXSW
March 2015, Austin, TX
"Bioart: Melding Biotech and Art" panel —» 
Biohacker Meetup —»

Instructor: PopTech's "Own Your Future" 
Collaboration with BCAM (Brooklyn Community Arts and Media School), focused on readying students for the creative economy

Recent Digital Publications, Blog Entries, Profiles of Note

Opinion: AAAS Science, October 2016
"Full Steam Ahead" By Adam Ruben —»

Profile: Forbes
"Karen Ingram: From Painting to Synthetic Biology, The Un-Career Path Personified" By Jessica Shortall —»

Writer: BioCoder October 2015 issue
“Marketing Synthetic Biology” —»

Video interview: Synberc
Synberc, a bio engineering consortium, was founded with support from the NSF 10 years ago. I mention the importance of involving the public around the development of synthetic biology around the 4:30 mark —»

Co-author: SXSW V2V Blog
“Entrepreneurs and Makers: Breaking and Innovating” Virginia Ingram, co-author —»
"Exploring Possibilities with Social Entrepreneurship"
Virginia Ingram, co-author —»

Co-author: “Technology Doesn’t Sound Like the Problem”
Sanjana Ravi, Nicola Patron, Ted Fjällman, co-authors
White paper based on insights from LEAP "Landscaping Session", part of the 2015 LEAP Fellowship —»

Video interview: De Correspondent
MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT: "DIY Bio" is a mini documentary about biohacking—»

Profiled: The FWA
Selected as a "Digital Pioneer" —»

Archived: Rhizome.org
"The Rhizome ArtBase was founded in 1999 to preserve works of net art that were deemed to be 'of potential historical significance.'" Two of my Flash pieces are preserved there —»

Writer: BioCoder September 2016 issue
"A Biotech Wave at SXSW" –»

Co-author: SXSW World
"Exploring the Positive Impact of Social Entrepreneurship" Virginia Ingram, co-author —»

Guest Blogger: FWA "Week in the Life" series
A week in the life of Karen Ingram, Creative Director, Designer, and Illustrator at Karen Ingram & Associates, Inc. —»

Profiled: SciArt Center 
Profiled by Emma Snodgrass —» 

Interviewed:  Pop Matters
"SXSW Science? The Interactive Conference Puts on a Lab Coat" by Anita Schillhorn Van Veen —»

Profiled: The Downtown Alliance

Guest Blogger: Genspace
Recount of a trip to Natalie Kuldell's lab at MIT to engineer photosynthetic bacteria for a bacterial photograph —»

Profiled: Ape on the Moon
"Karen Ingram's Bittersweet Bones." —»

Profiled: Digital Artist Magazine
"Organic Produce" —»

Contributor: This is a Magazine
An analogue & digital publication cosidered “highly influential” in Lauren Parker's Victoria & Albert Museum book Interplay. My work appears in issues 1, 2, and 3. Visit their site for PDFs worth "stealing" —»

Collaborations, Clients, and Contracts (partial listing)

Ginkgo BioWorks
Guerilla Science
Second Muse
Synberc / EBRC
The Wilson Center

Ed Foo
Synbio LEAP

Agency contracts
The Article Group
Dandelion / KGA
McCann Erikson